Customers’ sightseeings

  • Boat Service

    A boat service is regularly scheduled transport using one or more boats, typically on a river with the best service of expert steerman. we can provide long and short cruise with good river's senic to your destinations or charter to Chiang Rai town. The excitement of any visit to Thaton,Thailand is to take a cruise on the river, Sltting is aboard the boat which has plenty of room and comfortable cushion. Just let us know your plan at Saranya River House's counter .

  • Wat Thaton Temple (300 Meters from Saranya River House )

    A Wat or Temple, is place of worship where Theravada Buddhist monks and nuns practice the Buddha's teaching and also transmit the teachings to lay-people. Many people naturally congregate for the Buddhist day ceremonies to pay respects to Buddha images there and listen to Dhamma Talks. Why should one pay respect to the image of the Buddha ? In paying respects to the image of the Buddha we recollect the virtues of the Buddha. "He, the Blessed One, is indeed the Pure One, the Perfectly Enlightened One. He is impeccable in conduct and understanding, the Accomplished One, the Knower of the Worlds. He trains perfectly those who wish to be trained; he is Teacher of gods and humans; he is Awake and Holy."

  • Doi Mae Salong ( 45 Km. from Saranya River House )

    A peaceful village Mae Salong Nok, Baan Mae Fah Luang (formerly Mae salong Nok) . Division 93 is a community of immigrants from Myanmar come into Thailand . The two battalions of the 3rd Battalion arrived at Fang . Chiang Mai and the Legion at 5 at home Maesalongnok from the year 1963 to serve as a buffer against minorities . Doi Mae Salong , making the primeval mystical lands prohibited. With drugs and armed forces throughout. Thailand is trying to solve the Transfer these forces are in charge of the High Command . Until 1974 , the Cabinet, the Chinese military to live in the land of Thailand official . End the opium trade , disarmament, and turned to farming . Initiated by tea plantations And planted forests of fir to replace . Community on Doi Mae Salong has a new name . Ban Santi Khiri ID cards are issued to the public in the year 1981 of the Doi Mae Salong return to peace since then .