Other Services

In addition to housing we also offer

  • Premium food
  • Drinks and bevarages at lobby
  • Daily cleaning
  • Free access to our Wifi and swimming pool

Today’s chef recommendation

Tom Yam Kung

  • Nice and tasty!
  • Made from Thai herb ingredients!
  • Cooked by Thai chef!
  • Proved to be good for your health!
Tom Yum Kung is the most famous of all Thai soup recipes. If you want authentic Tom Yum Kung soup (without coconut milk), this is the one! Featuring all four of the famous Thai spices - salty, sour, sweet and spicy - this Tom Yum Kung recipe provides a pungent and zesty feast of flavors with every slurp. An excellent remedy for a cold or flu bug, this spicy Thai soup will instantly clear your sinuses and warm you up. It's also highly nutritious and is sure to impress at any dinner party. Note: this recipe allows you the choice of adding coconut milk (Tom Kha) or leaving it out. If you prefer a richer-tasting soup, I recommend adding it; whereas if you prefer a clearer soup, try it wihtout. ENJOY!